is an international lifestyle brand. We make unique products that bring people
together. The products strive for a certain feeling of warmth and
coziness, with an emphasis on enjoying life. This means that all products are
the perfect partner for any gathering, such as a barbecue, house parties,
dinner dates with friends, birthdays, picnics in the park, or a romantic
evening for two on the couch.

le Zen X Carbon champagne
Carbon Champagne

Le Zen ® has a partnership with Carbon Champagne ®.

The long history of Carbon Champagne is a perfect match for
the luxury and tranquility of Le Zen.

The original

The Le Zen Original is a stylish wine cooler with a wireless BlueTooth speaker and LED (ambient) light in 1. The mood light function offers seven different colors and can be changed via the supplied remote control.

the LUX

We would like to introduce to you the Le Zen LUX, an LED lamp with 4 different brightness to always create the right atmosphere wherever you are.

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